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Greenville Kleiser
Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases 02-U
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unaccountable and grotesque

unaffected and undaunted

unapproached and unapproachable

unassuming and unpretending

unchangeable and enduring

unconsciously and innocently

uncouth and barbarous

unctuous and irresistible [trenchant = insincere earnestness]

undeveloped and ignorant

undignified and futile

uneasiness and apprehension

uneducated and inexperienced

unfamiliar and distant

unfettered and vigorous

unforced and unchecked

unfortunate and unparalleled

unfounded and incredible

ungracious and reluctant

unhappiness and discomfort

unique and original

unity and completeness

unjust and ungrateful

unlimited and absolute

unnatural and harmful

unobserved and unsuspected

unobtrusive and tactful

unparalleled and inexhaustible

unpleasant and bewildering

unpopular and unimpressive

unprecedented and objectionable

unpremeditated and heartfelt

unpromising and scanty

unprotected and friendless

unreal and unsubstantial

unreasoning and uncompromising

unrecognized and unrewarded

unseemly and insufferable

unseen and unsuspected

unsmiling and critical

unswerving and unfaltering

unthinking and careless

untutored and infantine

unusual and unexpected

unuttered and unutterable

unwholesome and vile

upright and credible

uproar and confusion

upstart and braggart

urbanity and unction [unction = exaggerated earnestness]

utter and disastrous


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