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Martin Scorsese
Pupkin in "The King of Comedy"
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I can identify with Pupkin. It's the same way I made my first
pictures with no money and with the constant rejection--
going back and going back and going back until finally, somehow,
you get a lucky break. Actually luck doesn't have that much to
do with it; it's just this constant battering away at this monolith.
Pupkin goes about it the wrong way, but he does have drive.
I remember I'd go anyplace, do anything. I'd try to get into screenings,
get into any kind of social situation to try to talk up projects. It's
important who you meet-- after all, if you meet forty or fifty people,
the one person who will produce your first film might just be there.

(Quoted in Michiko Kakutani's "The Poet at the Piano: Portraits of
Writers, Filmmakers, Playwrights, and Other Artists at Work.")

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