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Stephen Suen
The Never-Ending Race
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A long time ago, in a Mongolian war camp, the chieftain wanted to celebrate their recent battle victories by holding a horse race.

But this horse race wouldn't be like any horse race -- it would be unique!

It would -- it would -- be a special race! A race in which the horse who finished last would win!

The race began, with the racers moving as slowly as snails -- some racers weren't even moving, while the last few were moving backwards!

The chieftain at once realized what he had set off! But it would be a total shame to end the race immediately!

He and his ministers needed to think of a way to end the race without shaming the chieftain -- but nobody could craft such a plan!

Suddenly the chieftain's son walked up to his father and whispered an idea into his ear.

His father chuckled, then stood up and announced loudly, "Everyone, switch horses with your opponents!"

At last the race ended, because the racers wanted their opponent's horses to finish first.

And what of the chieftain's son? Eventually he grew up and led the Mongolians to conquer many countries, and was forever known as the greatest chieftain ever.

(Based on a legend.)

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Read by: Stephen Suen

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