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Greenville Kleiser
Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases 02-B
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babel and confusion

backbone and sinew

baffled and disappointed

balanced and forceful

barbarity and wickedness

bards and sages

base and unworthy

beam and blaze

bearing and address

beautiful and majestic

bedraggled and disappointed

befogged and stupefied

beliefs and practises

bellowing and shouting

benevolence and candor

benign and hopeful

bent and disposition

benumbed and powerless

bewildered and stupefied

bigots and blockheads

billing and cooing

birth and breeding

bite and sting

bits and scraps

bitter and disdainful

black and solitary

bland and ingenious

blasphemous and profane

bleak and unrelenting

blend and harmonize

blessing and benediction

blind and unreasoning

blundering and plundering

blurred and confused

bluster and vulgarity

boast and assertion

bold and haughty

bombast and egotism

bone and sinew

boundless and unlimited

bourgeois and snobbish

brag and chatter

bravado and cowardice

brave and chivalrous

breathless and reverential

brevity and condensation

bribery and corruption

brief and pithy

bright and vivacious

brilliancy and grace

brisk and enlivening

broad and deep

brooding and solemn

brutal and degrading

bulks and masses

bungling and trifling

businesslike and practicable

bustle and business


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