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Thomas Paine
Common Sense II
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Mankind being originally equals in the order of creation,
the equality could only be destroyed by some subsequent
circumstance; the distinctions of rich, and poor, may in a
great measure be accounted for, and that without having
recourse to the harsh, ill-sounding names of oppression and
avarice. Oppression is often the consequence, but seldom or
never the means of riches; and though avarice will preserve
a man from being necessitously poor, it generally makes him
too timorous to be wealthy.
But there is another and greater distinction for which no
truly natural or religious reason can be assigned, and that is,
the distinction of men into KINGS and SUBJECTS. Male and
female are the distinctions of nature, good and bad the
distinctions of heaven; but how a race of men came into the
world so exalted above the rest, and distinguished like some
new species, is worth enquiring into, and whether they are
the means of happiness or of misery to mankind....

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Read by: Jeff Kiok

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