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Greenville Kleiser
Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases 05 (by)
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Preposition "by"


affected by externals

allayed by sympathy

animated by victory

appraised by fashion

assailed by conscience

attained by effort

avert by prayer


ballasted by brains

beset by difficulties

bound by opinion

branded by defeat


characterized by discretion

chastened by sorrow

cheek by jowl

circulated by malice

clogged by insincerity

colored by environment

condemned by posterity

confirmed by habit

consoled by prayer

convinced by argument

convulsed by divisions


darkened by shadows

dazzled by fame

depraved by pain

devoured by curiosity

disgusted by servility

driven by remorse


embarrassed by timidity

encouraged by success

enfeebled by age

enforced by action

enjoined by religion

enriched by gifts

established by convention

evoked by shame


fascinated, by mystery

favored by fortune

fettered by systems

fired by wrath

forbid by authority

fortified by faith


governed by precedent

guided by instinct


haunted by visions

hushed by denial


impelled by duty

inculcated by practise

induced by misrepresentation

influenced by caution

inspired by love


learned by rote


marked by acuteness

measured by years


narrowed by custom


occasioned by irritation

oppressed by destiny


parched by disuse

persuaded by appeal

portray by words

prescribed by custom

prevented by chance

prompted by coquetry

purged by sorrow


racked by suffering

refuted by reason

repelled by censure

restrained by violence

rising by industry


sanctioned by experience

shaped by tradition

soured by misfortune

stung by derision

supplanted by others

supported by evidence


thwarted by fortune

tempered by charity

tormented by jealousy

tortured by doubt


unadorned by artifice

undaunted by failure

undetermined by sorrow

undone by treachery

unfettered by fear

urged by curiosity


vitalized by thought


won by aggression

worn by time

wrenched by emotions


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