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Fable Aesop
The Mouse, The Frog, And The Hawk
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A Mouse who always lived on the land, by an unlucky chance
formed an intimate acquaintance with a Frog, who lived for the
most part in the water. The Frog, one day intent on mischief,
bound the foot of the Mouse tightly to his own. Thus joined
together, the Frog first of all led his friend the Mouse to the
meadow where they were accustomed to find their food. After
this, he gradually led him towards the pool in which he lived,
until reaching the very brink, he suddenly jumped in, dragging
the Mouse with him. The Frog enjoyed the water amazingly,
and swam croaking about, as if he had done a good deed.
The unhappy Mouse was soon suffocated by the water, and
his dead body floated about on the surface, tied to the foot
of the Frog. A Hawk observed it, and, pouncing upon it with
his talons, carried it aloft. The Frog, being still fastened to the
leg of the Mouse, was also carried off a prisoner, and was eaten
by the Hawk. Harm hatch, harm catch.

(Translated by George Fyler Townsend, 1814-1900)

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Read by: Ellie Wen

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