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Contents > Author > Fable Aesop > The Lion, The Mouse, And The Fox 620 BC- 560 BC
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Fable Aesop
The Lion, The Mouse, And The Fox
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A Lion, fatigued by the heat of a summer's day, fell fast asleep in
his den. A Mouse ran over his mane and ears and woke him from
his slumbers. He rose up and shook himself in great wrath, and
searched every corner of his den to find the Mouse. A Fox seeing
him said: "A fine Lion you are, to be frightened of a Mouse."

"'Tis not the Mouse I fear," said the Lion; "I resent his familiarity
and ill-breeding."

Little liberties are great offenses.

(Translated by George Fyler Townsend, 1814-1900)
Read by: Rogelio Rendon, Ellie Wen

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