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Once upon a time, there was a very wealthy father who hoped
to help his son understand how poor people can be and how
fortunate they were to be so well off. So the father took the son
on a trip to see the countryside and the people who lived there.
They spent a day and a night at a farm of a very poor family.

When they returned to the city, the father asked casually, "So,
how was the trip, son?"

"It was great, Dad!" replied the son enthusiastically.

"Wonderful. What did you learn?" inquired the father.

The son thought for a moment. "Well, we have one dog at home
and they have four. We have a big pool that reaches to the middle
of the garden and they have the stars. Our patio reaches to the
front yard, and they have the whole horizon," said the boy.

The father was astonished to hear his son's answer.

"Thank you, Dad, for showing how poor we are!" added the son.

(Retold by Ada Tso.)

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Read by: Kelsey Weber

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