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Greenville Kleiser
Fifteen Thousand Useful Phrases 05 (with)
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Preposition "with"


abounding with plenty

accord with nature

act with deliberation

adorn with beauty

afflict with ugliness

aflame with life

allied with economy

anticipate with delight

ascertain with exactness

attended with danger


beam with self-approval

behave with servility

big with fate

blinded with tears

blush with shame

branded with cowardice

bubbling with laughter

burn with indignation


cling with tenacity

clothe with authority

compatible with freedom

comply with tradition

conceal with difficulty

consistent with facts

covered with ignominy

crush with sorrow


deny with emphasis

depressed with fear

dispense with formality

distort with passion


echo with merriment

endow with intelligence

endued with faith [endued = provide with a quality; put on]

endure with fortitude

examine with curiosity


face with indifference

flushed with pride

fraught with peril

furious with indignation


glowing with delight


imbued with courage

incompatible with reason

inconsistent with beauty

inflamed with rage

inspired with patriotism

intoxicated with joy


kindle with enthusiasm


laugh with glee


meet with rebuke

mingled with curiosity

move with alacrity


oppressed with hardship

overcome with shyness

overflowing with love

overhung with gloom


performed with regularity

pervaded with grandeur

proceed with alertness

punish with severity


quicken with pride

quiver with anxiety


radiant with victory

regard with loathing

relate with zest

repel with indignation


saddle with responsibility

scream with terror

scrutinize with care

seething with sedition
[sedition = conduct or language inciting rebellion]

sick with dread

sob with anguish

squirm with delight

suffuse with spirituality


tainted with fraud

teeming with life

tense with expectancy

thrill with excitement

throb with vitality

tinged with romance

touched with feeling

treat with contempt

tremble with fear


unmixed with emotion

utter with sarcasm


vibrant with feeling

view with awe


wield with power

work with zeal


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