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Anonymous, Wealth Intermediate
Aristotle, Habit Beginning
Aristotle, Happiness Beginning
Aristotle, Hope Beginning
Aristotle, Human Nature Beginning
Aristotle, Ideal Man Beginning
Bacon, Francis Beauty Beginning
Bacon, Francis Books Beginning
Bacon, Francis Liberty Beginning
Bacon, Francis Nature Beginning
Barry, Dave Academic Training Beginning
Barry, Dave Annual Physical Beginning
Barry, Dave Beers Beginning
Barry, Dave Big Business and Taxes Beginning
Barry, Dave Camping Beginning
Barry, Dave Chemicals Beginning
Barry, Dave Chess Beginning
Benet, Stephen Vincent Death Beginning
Benet, Stephen Vincent God's Will Beginning
Benet, Stephen Vincent Greatness Beginning
Benet, Stephen Vincent Honesty and Kindness Beginning
Benet, Stephen Vincent Kingdoms Beginning
Dickinson, Emily 'Twas my one Glory -- Beginning
Dickinson, Emily 'Twas such a little -- little boat Intermediate
Dickinson, Emily I have no Life but this -- Intermediate
Dickinson, Emily To his simplicity Intermediate
Franklin, Benjamin Absent and Present Beginning
Franklin, Benjamin Death Beginning
Franklin, Benjamin Happiness Beginning
Franklin, Benjamin Insanity Beginning
Franklin, Benjamin Obituary Beginning
Girl, Age 10 You Want to Come to My House? Beginning
Rhymes, Mother Goose One, two, buckle my shoe Beginning
Waters, Leah How the Morning Star Was Born Beginning

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