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Adams, Abigail Representation Beginning
Alcott, Louisa May Love Beginning
Alcott, Louisa May Wisdom Beginning
Angelou, Maya Alone Beginning
Augustine, Saint Humility Beginning
Bacon, Francis Silence Beginning
Baldwin, Faith Character Beginning
Ball, Lucille Optimism Beginning
Ball, Lucille Staying Young Beginning
Balzac, Honore de Providence Beginning
Barry, Dave Immaturity Beginning
Bonaparte, Napoleon From Sublime to Ridiculous Beginning
Bonaparte, Napoleon Leader Beginning
Bonaparte, Napoleon Uniting Forces Beginning
Bronte, Charlotte Conventionality Beginning
Cassatt, Mary Independence Beginning
Churchill, Sir Winston Change Beginning
Churchill, Sir Winston Courage Beginning
Churchill, Sir Winston Fanatic Beginning
Churchill, Sir Winston Nuclear Arms Race Beginning
Clinton, Bill Sharing Beginning
Curie, Marie Future Beginning
Curie, Marie Life Beginning
Curie, Marie Progress Beginning
Degas, Edgar Art Beginning
Frost, Robert The Road Not Taken Advanced
Gauguin, Paul Art Beginning
Gauguin, Paul Civilization Beginning
Gauguin, Paul Life Beginning
Gauguin, Paul Seeing Beginning
Hughes, Langston Democracy Beginning
Kahlo, Frida Need to Paint Beginning
Kahlo, Frida Reality Beginning
Kahlo, Frida Self-portraits Beginning
LeGuin, Ursula Sanity Beginning
LeGuin, Ursula Uncertainty Beginning
Matisse, Henri Creativity Beginning
McCartney, Paul Peace Beginning
Michelangelo, Beauty Beginning
Ondaatje, Michael Bombs Beginning
Ondaatje, Michael Choice Beginning
Ondaatje, Michael Sadness Beginning
Ondaatje, Michael Words Beginning
Picasso, Pablo Act Directly Beginning
Picasso, Pablo Art and Truth Beginning
Picasso, Pablo Creation Beginning
Picasso, Pablo Enthusiasm Beginning
Picasso, Pablo Museums Beginning
Picasso, Pablo Purpose of Art Beginning
Picasso, Pablo Real Beginning
Picasso, Pablo Youth Beginning
Ray, Man Paint and Photograph Beginning
Rowling, J. K. Austen Beginning
Rowling, J. K. Bravery Beginning
Rowling, J. K. Choices versus Abilities Beginning
Rowling, J. K. Dwelling on Dreams Beginning
Rowling, J. K. Good or Evil Beginning
Rowling, J. K. Hearing Voices Beginning
Rowling, J. K. Indifference and Neglect Beginning
Rowling, J. K. Sharing Beginning
Rowling, J. K. The Dead Beginning
Rowling, J. K. The Truth Beginning
Rowling, J. K. True Measure of a Man Beginning
Rowling, J. K. Universal Popularity Beginning
Rowling, J. K. What's Coming Beginning
Rowling, J. K. Writing Beginning
Shakespeare, William Self-Knowledge Beginning
Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft Women and Their Looks Beginning
Van Gogh, Vincent Painting Beginning
Voltaire, Francois Best Beginning
Voltaire, Francois English Plays Beginning
Walpole, Horace Prophets Beginning
Walpole, Sir Robert Price Beginning
Ward, Artemus Money Beginning
Washington, George Money Beginning
Washington, George Reputation Beginning
Washington, George Virtue Beginning
Weldon, Fay Happy Ending Beginning
Weldon, Fay Twisted Beginning
Whitman, Walt Miracle Beginning
Wilde, Oscar Property Beginning
Wilde, Oscar Religion Beginning
Wilde, Oscar Talk Beginning
Wilde, Oscar The Poor Beginning
Wilde, Oscar Truth Beginning
Wilde, Oscar War Beginning
Wilde, Oscar Waste Beginning
Wilder, Thornton Life Beginning
Wilder, Thornton Meaning Beginning
Wilder, Thornton Woman's Work Beginning
Wilson, Woodrow Duty Beginning
Wilson, Woodrow Goodness Beginning
Wilson, Woodrow Judgement Beginning
Wilson, Woodrow Law Beginning
Wilson, Woodrow Peace Beginning
Wilson, Woodrow Pride Beginning
Wilson, Woodrow Radicalism Beginning
Wilson, Woodrow Self-respect Beginning
Wolfe, Thomas Alone Beginning
Wolfe, Thomas Tragic Lot Beginning
Wolff, Tobias Writers Beginning
Woolf, Virginia Argument Beginning
Woolf, Virginia Arrangement Beginning
Woolf, Virginia Art Beginning
Woolf, Virginia Beauty Beginning
Woolf, Virginia Doctors Beginning
Zhou, Enlai Diplomacy Beginning

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