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Ackerman, Diane Life Beginning
Ackerman, Diane Love Beginning
Adams, Abigail Man as Dangerous Creature Beginning
Adams, Abigail Remember the Ladies Beginning
Adams, Abigail Virtues Beginning
Adams, Eddie Photographs Beginning
Addams, Jane Action and Ethics Beginning
Addams, Jane Civilization Beginning
Addams, Jane Home and School Beginning
Aesop, Fable Hercules And The Wagoner Beginning
Aesop, Fable The Ass And His Masters Beginning
Aesop, Fable The Farmer And His Sons Beginning
Aesop, Fable The Fox And The Goat Beginning
Aesop, Fable The Fox And The Leopard Beginning
Aesop, Fable The Hen And The Golden Eggs Beginning
Aesop, Fable The Horse And The Stag Beginning
Aesop, Fable The Mouse, The Frog, And The Hawk Beginning
Aesop, Fable The Raven And The Swan Beginning
Aesop, Fable The Sick Lion Beginning
Aesop, Fable The Wolf And The Fox Beginning
Aiken, Howard Ideas Beginning
Alcott, Louisa May Stay Beginning
Alcott, Louisa May Women and Their Lives Beginning
Allende, Isabel War, Poverty, & Inequality Beginning
Anderson, Marian Keep a Person Down Beginning
Blake, William The Fly (from Songs of Experience) Advanced
Blake, William The Tyger (from Songs of Experience) Advanced
Dickinson, Emily Bee! I'm expecting you! Advanced
Dickinson, Emily Between My Country--and the Others Advanced
Dickinson, Emily Heart! We will forget him! Advanced
Dickinson, Emily Ideals are the Fairy Oil Advanced
Dickinson, Emily Peace is a fiction of our Faith -- Advanced
Dickinson, Emily The Riddle we can guess Advanced
Dickinson, Emily There is no Frigate like a Book Advanced
Emerson, Ralph Waldo Insight Intermediate
Fitzgerald, F. Scott Girls Beginning
Grimm, The Brothers Cat and Mouse in Partnership Intermediate
Lamb, Wally Life Beginning
Munro (Saki), Hector Adrian Intermediate
Munro (Saki), Hector The Lumber Room Intermediate
Plato, Wicked Beginning
Roosevelt, Eleanor Ambition Beginning
Roosevelt, Eleanor Beware Beginning
Roosevelt, Eleanor Character Beginning
Stevens, Wallace The House Was Quiet And The World Was Calm Advanced
Sun Tzu, The Art of War 04 Intermediate
Swift, Jonathan Religion Beginning
Syrus, Publilius Friends Beginning
Thackeray, William Makepeace Love Beginning
Thoreau, Henry David Bluebird Beginning
Thoreau, Henry David Different Drummer Beginning
Thoreau, Henry David Saunter Beginning
Tran, Nguyet Thuyen The Lady of Nam Xuong Beginning
Twain, Mark Health Books Beginning
Twain, Mark Keep Your Mouth Closed Beginning
Twain, Mark Not Too Particular Beginning
Twain, Mark Writing Beginning
Wilde, Oscar Love Beginning
Wilde, Oscar Peerage Beginning
Wilde, Oscar Temptation Beginning

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