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Aristotle, Courage Beginning
Aristotle, Courage and Honor Beginning
Aristotle, Cowardice Beginning
Aristotle, Democracy Beginning
Aristotle, Friendship Beginning
Aristotle, Government Beginning
Aristotle, Governments for the Common Interest Beginning
Aristotle, Gratifying Desires Beginning
Aristotle, Great City Beginning
Earhart, Amelia Good Deeds Beginning
Earhart, Amelia Interruption Beginning
Earhart, Amelia Kindness Beginning
Earhart, Amelia More Beginning
Elizabeth I, Queen Glory Beginning
Ibrahim, Hassan Violence Beginning
Ibsen, Henrik Freedom and Truth Beginning
Ibsen, Henrik Minority Beginning
Ibsen, Henrik Truth and Freedom Beginning
Inge, William Ralph Literature Beginning
Ingersoll, Robert Greene God Beginning
Ingersoll, Robert Greene Nature Beginning
Irving, Washington Drinking Beginning

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