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Poetry ( 38 texts )
Difficulty Level
A Noiseless Patient Spider
Read by: Kristin Asami Shinkawa
Aboard at a Ship's Helm
Read by: Katie Richardson
Among the Multitude
Read by: Emily Randall
An Old Man's Thought of School
Read by: Justen Sumner
As Adam early in the morning Advanced
As I Ebb'd with the Ocean of Life Advanced
As I Watch'd the Ploughman Ploughing
Read by: Eric Pheifer
As if a Phantom Caress'd Me
Read by: Clara Villanueva
Beginning My Studies Advanced
Cavalry Crossing a Ford Advanced
Facing west from California's shores Advanced
I Am He that Aches with Love Advanced
I Dream'd in a Dream Advanced
I Hear America Singing
Read by: Abram Kaplan
I Heard You Solemn-Sweet Pipes of the Organ Advanced
Night on the Prairies Advanced
Not Youth Pertains to Me Advanced
O Captain! My Captain!
Read by: James Charles Praley III
O You whom I Often and Silently Come Advanced
Old War-Dreams
Read by: Reade Everett
On the beach at night alone Advanced
Once I Pass'd through a Populous City Advanced
Others May Praise What They Like Advanced
Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking Advanced
Poets to Come
Read by: Reade Everett
Quicksand Years Advanced
Read by: Sophia On
Shut not Your Doors Advanced
Tears Advanced
That Music Always Round Me Advanced
The Last Invocation Advanced
This Moment Yearning and Thoughtful Advanced
Thought Advanced
To One Shortly to Die Advanced
To the Man-of-War Bird Advanced
Weave in, My Hardy Life Advanced
What am I After All Advanced
What Ship Puzzled at Sea Advanced
Memorable Quotes ( 1 text )
Difficulty Level
Read by: Julia Guren

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