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Poetry ( 32 texts )
Difficulty Level
A Postcard From The Volcano
Read by: Sophia On
A Rabbit As King Of The Ghosts Advanced
Anecdote of the Jar Advanced
Bantams in Pine-woods Advanced
Continual Conversation With A Silent Man Advanced
Disillusionment Of Ten O'clock Advanced
Domination Of Black Advanced
Final Soliloquy Of The Interior Paramour Advanced
Gray Room Advanced
Looking Across The Fields And Watching The Birds F Advanced
Metaphors Of A Magnifico Advanced
Nomad Exquisite Advanced
Of Modern Poetry Advanced
Peter Quince At The Clavier Advanced
Poem Written At Morning Advanced
Six Significant Landscapes Advanced
Sunday Morning Advanced
Tattoo Advanced
The Emperor of Ice-Cream Advanced
The High-Toned Old Christian Woman Advanced
The House Was Quiet And The World Was Calm
Read by: Ellie Wen
The Idea Of Order At Key West Advanced
The Planet On The Table Advanced
The Plot Against The Giant Advanced
The Poem That Took The Place Of A Mountain Advanced
The River Of Rivers In Connecticut Advanced
The Sense Of The Sleight-Of-Hand Man Advanced
The Snow Man
Read by: Sophia On
The Well Dressed Man With A Beard Advanced
Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Blackbird Advanced
To The One Of Fictive Music Advanced
Valley Candle Advanced

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