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Contents > Author > Thomas Jefferson 1743 - 1826
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Prose Non-Fiction ( 2 texts )
Difficulty Level
First Inaugural Address, 1801 Intermediate
Second Inaugural Address, 1805 Intermediate
Memorable Quotes ( 133 texts )
Difficulty Level
Action Beginning
Advertisement Beginning
Anger Beginning
Association Without Quarrel Beginning
Banks and Armies Beginning
Bill of Rights Beginning
Body and Mind Beginning
Books Beginning
Censors Beginning
Civilization Beginning
Confidence in the Government Beginning
Congress Beginning
Constitutions Beginning
Cool Beginning
Courage Beginning
Coward Beginning
Crush Monied Corporations Beginning
Delay Beginning
Democracy and Mob Rule Beginning
Dependence Beginning
Diligence Beginning
Do for Yourself Beginning
Doing Good Beginning
Duty and Credit Beginning
Education Beginning
Employment Beginning
End of Democracy Beginning
Enemy Beginning
Enlightenment Beginning
Epicurean Beginning
Evils Beginning
Executive Duty Beginning
Exercise Beginning
Experience Beginning
Falsehoods Beginning
Fear Beginning
Follow Truth Beginning
Force and Despotism Beginning
Free Press Beginning
Friendship and Miseries Beginning
Funding or Swindling Beginning
Future Beginning
Future Happiness Beginning
Gardening Beginning
General Beginning
Generations as Distinct Nations Beginning
God Beginning
Good Generals Beginning
Good Government Beginning
Good Opinion of Mankind Beginning
Government and Liberty Beginning
Government and Newspapers Beginning
Greatest Happiness Beginning
Hang On Beginning
Happiness Beginning
Health Beginning
History Beginning
Honesty Beginning
Hope and Dream Beginning
Hostility Against Tyranny Beginning
House on Fire Beginning
Ideas and Beliefs Beginning
Idleness Beginning
Ignorance over Error Beginning
Innovations Beginning
Laws Intermediate
Liberty and Happiness Beginning
Liberty of Conscience Intermediate
Long Life Beginning
Luck Beginning
Master and Slave Beginning
Mental Attitude Beginning
Merchants Beginning
Militia and Security Beginning
Money Beginning
Money and Commerce Beginning
Monied Aristocracy Intermediate
Most Valuable Talent Beginning
Neighbor's Beliefs Beginning
Newspaper Beginning
Object of Good Government Beginning
Opinion Beginning
Oppression Beginning
Patriots and Tyrants Beginning
Pay Own Debts Beginning
Peace and Friendship Beginning
Pleasure Beginning
Politeness Beginning
Politics Beginning
Power Beginning
Power and Corruption Beginning
Power and the People Beginning
Power and Tyranny Beginning
Presidency and Reputation Beginning
Private Fortune Beginning
Public Property Beginning
Pursuit of Knowledge Beginning
Reading Newspapers Beginning
Reason versus Fear Beginning
Religion Beginning
Religion and Our Lives Beginning
Resistance to Government Beginning
Resistance to Government Beginning
Revolution Beginning
Rightful Liberty Beginning
Rottenness Beginning
Sale of a Book Beginning
Sea of Liberty Beginning
Self-Discipline Beginning
Smooth Handle Beginning
Soldier Beginning
Speeches Beginning
Strength Beginning
Strongest Government Beginning
Style versus Principle Beginning
Suffering Evils Beginning
Sunshine Beginning
Superstitions Beginning
Talk Beginning
Taxes Beginning
The World Is Watching Beginning
Time Beginning
Too Much Government Beginning
Too Much Liberty Beginning
Tranquility and Occupation Beginning
Trusted with Government Beginning
Truth and Error Beginning
Tyranny Beginning
Virtue and Talents Beginning
Walking Beginning
War Beginning
War and Losses Beginning
Wisdom and Power Beginning
Misc ( 1 text )
Difficulty Level
Governing Men Beginning

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