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Memorable Quotes ( 92 texts )
Difficulty Level
Air Mastery Beginning
Americans Beginning
Appeaser Beginning
Read by: Elizabeth Kim
Attitude Beginning
Best Beginning
Blood, toil, tears, and sweat
Read by: Michael Rosenblum
British Nation Beginning
Buildings Beginning
Capitalism and Socialism Beginning
Chain of Destiny Beginning
Read by: Julia Guren
Change and Survival Beginning
Colours Beginning
Read by: Julia Guren
Courage First Beginning
Criticism Beginning
Criticizing One's Government Beginning
Danger Beginning
Dictators Beginning
Difficulties and Opportunities Beginning
Eating Words Beginning
Endure and Persevere Beginning
Enemies Beginning
Everyone's Day Beginning
Evil Words Beginning
Read by: Julia Guren
Finest Investment Beginning
Form of Government Beginning
Franklin Roosevelt Beginning
Read by: Michael Rosenblum
Giving and Getting Beginning
Giving In Beginning
Giving Up Beginning
Great days Beginning
Great Things Beginning
Hell Beginning
History Beginning
History and Statecraft Beginning
Holding Discussions Beginning
Honest or Right Beginning
Idealism Beginning
Important Point Beginning
Iron Curtain Beginning
John Maynard Keynes Beginning
Kites Beginning
Law and Regulations Beginning
Learning Beginning
Learning the Game Beginning
Liberal Beginning
Lie and Truth Beginning
Life and Living Beginning
Looking Backward Beginning
Material Prosperity Beginning
Meeting My Maker Beginning
Moral Beginning
Never Surrender Beginning
Nuclear Arms Race
Read by: Julia Guren
Optimist Beginning
Pessimist and Optimist Beginning
Pigs Beginning
Poison Gas Beginning
Politician's Ability Beginning
Politics or Politicians Beginning
Prisoner of War Beginning
Private Enterprise Beginning
Prod Beginning
Prophesying Beginning
Public Opinion Beginning
Quarrel Between Past and Present Beginning
Quotations Beginning
Responsibility Beginning
Right or Wrong Beginning
Russia Beginning
Slaughter and Manoeuvre Beginning
So much owed
Read by: Michael Rosenblum
Socialism Beginning
Solitary Trees Beginning
Strategy and Results Beginning
Stumbling over the Truth Beginning
Success Beginning
Success and Failure Beginning
Truth Beginning
Truth and Lies Beginning
Victory Beginning
War versus Politics Beginning
Wholesome Diet Beginning
Wisdom Beginning
Words Beginning
Worms Beginning
Worries Beginning
Writing History Beginning

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