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Memorable Quotes ( 117 texts )
Difficulty Level
Absent and Present
Read by: Kelsey Weber
Acting Beginning
Admiration Beginning
Advice Beginning
Read by: Deizsa Jackson
Anger Beginning
Anger and Shame Beginning
Bad Habits Beginning
Beauty and Folly Beginning
Beer Beginning
Better Man Beginning
Business Beginning
Christ Beginning
Composing Oneself Beginning
Conscience Beginning
Corrections Beginning
Counsel Beginning
Creditors Beginning
Read by: Kelsey Weber
Death and Taxes Beginning
Deeds versus Words Beginning
Defrauding the Government Beginning
Delay Beginning
Diligence Beginning
Dispute Among Divines Beginning
Distrust Beginning
Doubt Beginning
Early to Bed Beginning
Empire Beginning
Evil Beginning
Expenses Beginning
Experience Beginning
Faults Beginning
Friends Beginning
Friendship Beginning
Gain Beginning
Games Beginning
Genius and Education Beginning
Girl's Faults Beginning
Greatness and Goodness Beginning
Guests Beginning
Half-truths Beginning
Read by: Kelsey Weber
Haste and Waste Beginning
Head Beginning
Healing Beginning
Health Beginning
Home Beginning
Hope Beginning
Read by: Deizsa Jackson
Idle Word and Silence Beginning
Impotence of Wealth Beginning
Injuries and Benefits Beginning
Read by: Kelsey Weber
Kindness Beginning
Read by: Deizsa Jackson
Labor Beginning
Law and Injustice Beginning
Laws Beginning
Lawyers Beginning
Leave Unsaid Beginning
Leisure Beginning
Liberty Beginning
Liberty and Safety Beginning
Lost Time Beginning
Love Beginning
Love Beginning
Love and Tooth-ache Beginning
Man Beginning
Mankind Beginning
Marriage Beginning
Misery Beginning
Mistakes Beginning
Monarchs Beginning
Money Beginning
Money Beginning
Money Advantage Beginning
Motion Beginning
Necessity Beginning
Neglect Beginning
Nobody Beginning
Nonsense Beginning
Read by: Kelsey Weber
Opinions Beginning
Optimism Beginning
Passion Beginning
Peace Beginning
Place Beginning
Preparation Beginning
Prevention Beginning
Price of Peace Beginning
Public Business Beginning
Quoted Beginning
Reigning quality Beginning
Relationships Beginning
Savages Beginning
Save Beginning
Saying the Right Thing Beginning
Secret Beginning
Solicitors' Briefs Beginning
Stuff of Life Beginning
Talents Beginning
Time Beginning
Tomorrow Beginning
Trade Beginning
Tragedy Beginning
Tyrants Beginning
Unity Beginning
Unrivalled Love Beginning
Vanity Beginning
War Beginning
War and Peace Beginning
Wealth Beginning
Wealth Beginning
Wisdom Beginning
Wisdom and Ignorance Beginning
Writing Beginning

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