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Nursery Rhymes and Tongue Twisters ( 105 texts )
Difficulty Level
"Surely Sylvia swims!" Beginning
A big black bug
Read by: Alex Bajaj
A bloke's back bike brake
Read by: Alex Bajaj
A box of biscuits Beginning
A flea and a fly
Read by: Alex Bajaj and Ellie Wen
A tree toad loved a she-toad Beginning
A Tudor who tooted a flute Beginning
Betty and Bob Beginning
Betty Botter
Read by: Alex Bajaj and Ellie Wen
Big black bugs bleed Beginning
Brad's big black bath brush Beginning
Can you imagine
Read by: Alex Bajaj
Cedar shingles Beginning
Chop shops
Read by: Alex Bajaj
Cows graze Beginning
Denise sees the fleece Beginning
Five frantic frogs Beginning
Four furious friends Beginning
Fred fed Ted bread
Read by: Alex Bajaj
Give me the gift Beginning
Give papa a cup Beginning
Give the swiper's wife Beginning
Green glass globes Beginning
He threw free throws. Beginning
How can one cram a clam Beginning
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck Beginning
I am not the pheasant plucker Beginning
I cannot bear Beginning
I saw Susie Beginning
I slit the sheet Beginning
I wish to wash Beginning
I wish to wish the wish Beginning
If a Hottentot taught a Hottentot tot Beginning
If one doctor Beginning
If Stu chews shoes Beginning
If you stick a stock of liquor Beginning
Just think Beginning
Kris Kringle Beginning
Lily ladles Beginning
Listen Beginning
Many an anemone Beginning
Mr. See owned a saw Beginning
My dame Beginning
Ned Nott was shot Beginning
Nine nice night nurses Beginning
Of all the felt I ever felt Beginning
Old oily Ollie Beginning
On mules we find two legs behind Beginning
Once upon a barren moor Beginning
One-One was a racehorse. Beginning
Peter Piper Beginning
Pick a partner Beginning
Pretty Kitty Creighton Beginning
Rhys watched Ross Beginning
Rory the warrior Beginning
Round the rugged rock Beginning
Ruby Rugby's brother Beginning
Sam's shop Beginning
Sarah saw Beginning
Say this sharply Beginning
Seven sleazy shysters Beginning
She said she should sit Beginning
She saw Sharif's shoes Beginning
She sells sea shells
Read by: Alex Bajaj
She sifted thistles Beginning
She stood on the balcony Beginning
Shy Shelly Beginning
Silly Sally Beginning
Singing Sammy Beginning
Six sick hicks Beginning
Six slimy snails Beginning
Six slippery snails Beginning
Sly Sam Beginning
Strict strong stringy Stephen Stretch Beginning
Suddenly swerving Beginning
Sure the ship's shipshape Beginning
Susan shineth shoes and socks Beginning
Suzie Seaword's fish-sauce shop Beginning
Swan swam over the sea Beginning
The big black bug Beginning
The blue bluebird Beginning
The crow flew Beginning
The great Greek grape growers Beginning
The ochre ogre Beginning
The queen in green Beginning
The soldiers Beginning
The two-twenty-two train Beginning
Theophiles Thistle Beginning
There was a minimum Beginning
There was a young fisher Beginning
These six sheep Beginning
They have left the thriftshop Beginning
Thieves Beginning
Three gray geese Beginning
Three twigs Beginning
Twelve twins Beginning
We surely shall see Beginning
What a shame Beginning
What time Beginning
When I was in Arkansas Beginning
Which witch Beginning
Which wristwatches Beginning
While we were walking Beginning
Wow, race winners Beginning
You've no need to light a night-light Beginning
Nursery Rhymes ( 1 text )
Difficulty Level
A skunk sat on a stump. Beginning

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